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Monster Milk RTDs by CytoSport

Protein Power Shake

MONSTER MILK RTD is a powerful, convenient, sustained-release protein formula perfect for your demanding training and on-the-go lifestyle. MONSTER MILK RTD contains 45 grams of premium proteins (per 20 oz. bottle) consisting of rapid-releasing anabolic whey and free-form BCAA's that are complemented by slower, anti-catabolic caseins and milk protein isolates. This powerful combination of fast and slow proteins creates an "anabolic window" that lasts for hours. Although it tastes like an ultra-rich milkshake, MONSTER MILK's advanced protein system makes it a supplement tool for promoting monster-size muscle. MONSTER MILK helps create a positive nitrogen balance and provides high levels of amino acids to bathe muscle fibers in an "anabolic soup" to support protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Each Bottle Provides:

* Protein (Multi-Source, Fast Acting Whey And Slower Acting Casein Proteins)*
* Creatine - Kre-Alkalyn® pH Stabile
* BCAA's - L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine
* Lean Lipids™ - MCT's, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil
* Fiber

To further enhance the MONSTER MILK RTD is formulated with LEANLIPIDS™ (MCTs, Canola, and Sunflower Oils), Kre-Alkalyn® pH stable creatine monohydrate, as well as 5 grams of fiber to support digestion and protein utilization.

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