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D-Pol by Purus Labs

Dual Phasic Free Test / Nitric Oxide Elevator

We are proud to bless the athletic masses with yet another novel, performance-enhancing product. D-POL combines provocative, emerging research regarding natural testosterone elicitation and nitric oxide production, to yield the industry's first, validated, dual-phasic Lutenizing Hormone/Free Testosterone elevator AND true NO potentiator.

D-Pol is a TRUE, biphasic, natural nitric oxide producing, vasodilatory Testosterone booster. Part I of the formula (the LH and T boosting portion) consists of a fertility formula sold pharmaceutically in Europe that has a statistically significant, peer-reviewed, track record amongst hundreds and thousands of men. It has been shown, at the exact dosage and combination we include in D-Pol, to elicit a 33% rise in Lutenizing Hormone with a concomitant 42% rise in Free Testosterone. Part II contains a proprietary and research validated dosage of dietary nitrates, orally proven as well to potentiate NO production thus increasing ATP and sparing oxygen for prolonged exercise.

Research validates:

* 33% increase in LH
* 42% increase in Free Testosterone
* 23% increase in ATP
* 19% in oxidative phosphorylation ratio (oxygen sparing).


* Intense strength and lean muscle accrual through increased circulating Free Testosterone levels
* Prolonged exercise endurance do to greater mitochondrial efficiency and enhanced oxygen-carrying blood flow
* Superior nutrient delivery due to heightened and sustained vasodilation.
* Increased virility

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