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Micronized Creatine by AI Sports Nutrition

Reduce Fatigue

Restore Alertness

Promote Faster And Clearer Thought


You asked for it and we not only listened to your suggestion we stepped up to the plate!  We now carry a bulk creatine product!  Not just any creatine, but a micronized monohydrate creatine.  We know you are as excited as we are about the addition of this gem to our ever expanding Bulk line.  We agree with you that Creatine is a product we had to add to the AI Sports Nutrition Family.  Creatine is the most popular, effective, researched ergogenic aid in the world.  This is a product whose popularity knows no bounds!


Naturally occurring and found primarily in meat, creatine is also present in other food sources.  However, in order to get the athletic and performance benefits of creatine, we need to look to supplementation.


Creatine has been show to be effective at increasing lean muscle mass, muscle strength, endurance, and overall muscle performance.


It has been found that supplementing with Creatine provides the following benefits:


Promoting Muscle Growth through Cellular Hydration
Promoting Muscle Recovery
Optimizing Protein Synthesis
Enhancing Energy Reserves


Answers to some commonly asked questions that will help improve your results of using Micronized Creatine Monohydrate:


1.  Dose based on your body weight.  Studies suggest dosing 0.03 grams of Creatine per kilogram of body weight.  This means that a 200 pound individual would look to take 3 grams of Creatine per day


2.  Although loading is an option, it is not necessary


3.  Timing of dosages is not important.  Ensure to get your required dose in every day.  The point is to reach and maintain a level of Creatine saturation in the muscle


4.  You do not have to take with any particular drink, juice or sugar.  Feel free to add to water, your NO Whey! Protein shake, or even your Recover Pro.  This is just as effective of a delivery method as anything else.


5.  Stay properly hydrated and drink plenty of water.


6.  Creatine stacks very well with many other AI products, depending on what your physical goals are.  Beta Alanine would be a wonderful addition!


Don't get caught up by the marketing and advertising of all of the "new designer" forms of creatine.  Micronized Creatine Monohydrate is just as effective as the "designer" creatines, but is a WAY more economical and affordable way to supplement with Creatine.


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