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Basyx Agmatine Sulfate by Genomyx

Pure. It’s a label. It’s a lifestyle. It’s almost unattainable. But, we all seek it… to help define us. To bring us closer to what we believe we should be. It’s in our lives; it’s in our training. Our desire to be pure is what separates us from everyone else.

Genomyx has moved one step closer to the unattainable… Proudly offering the FIRST pure flavored agmatine sulfate powder!
Agmatine Sulfate Key Benefits:

*Increases Nitric Oxide synthesis!
*Inhibits Nitric Oxide breakdown!
*Enhances nutrient delivery to muscle cells!
*Raises muscle cell insulin sensitivity!
*Mood elevating!

Arginine is an amino acid that has made its way into countless bodybuilding supplements in the past few years, surrounded by endless promises about enhanced muscle pumps and heightened nutrient delivery. Most people have realized the incredulous amount of hyperbole involved in these claims and have begun to accept its muscle building potential to be far less than originally theorized. What does arginine have to do with agmatine? Once arginine is decarboxylated, it becomes agmatine. This decarboxylation entirely changes the nature of the compound in the body, so much so that agmatine is involved with even more metabolic processes than arginine itself.

Agmatine wages a two-pronged attack, facilitating nitric oxide elevation by increasing NO synthesis as well as being an irreversible inhibitor of Nitric Oxide Synthase, which is the enzyme responsible for degradation of NO. By effectively elevating NO and decreasing its breakdown, the much sought after effects of increased vasodilatation and nutrient delivery to the muscle cells can be maximized. While it is debatable whether an increase in NO pre-workout is beneficial, most experts agree that a post-workout elevation of NO can be highly useful for muscle recovery and enhancing the muscle building signal cascade.

Agmatine is normally released endogenously in response to stress and inflammation. By supplementing with an exogenous source, one can maximize recovery. When using agmatine immediately after workouts, the nutrients digested in a post-workout meal or shake can be more effectively delivered to the muscle cell for enhanced recovery and growth.

In addition to increased nutrient delivery to muscle cells, agmatine also acts to aid nutrient uptake by increasing muscle cell insulin sensitivity through activation of I(2)-imidazoline receptors. So, agmatine not only helps you get the glucose and amino acids to the right place, it also opens the door and drives them right inside the muscle cell to enhance protein synthesis.

Aside from the potent effects at the muscle cell, agmatine also possesses some interesting psychological effects. Studies have shown it to be neuro-protective by blocking the damaging effects of excessive glutamate, act as an anti-depressant and MAOb inhibitor, and even modulate and reverse opiate tolerance. Agmatine also has a beneficial effect on calcium homeostasis by reducing cellular calcium overload, can help to lower blood pressure, and has various potential beneficial effects on the heart.

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