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Stimulant X by Athletic Xtreme

The Evolution of Energy & Fat Loss

Power Up

Power up and set your day into motion. The unique ingredients found in Stimulant X deliver productive energy combined with powerful mood enhancement. What you get is the drive to accomplish, or what we like to call - Power.

Power Through
Have you ever been up studying, tired, but needing to stay focused and awake? Need that extra kick to make it through the day? Need more energy to perform your best but don?t want the crash from the typical energy drink? Well, whatever the case, Stimulant X will help you power through for a successful and productive day.

Coffee for the Brain
Have you ever drank coffee or an energy drink and felt wide awake, but your brain is still too tired to think? Your brain is the most important productivity tool you possess, and your mood affects your mind’s ability to function efficiently and effectively. 

What to Expect
You should feel Stimulant X start working in half an hour. You will experience wakefulness and energy with the power to do X for up to 8 hours. Stimulant X picks you up, recharges you, and gives you the power to be you. One serving of Stimulant X delivers six to eight hours of “feel good” power to play harder, train longer, run faster, lift heavier, think sharper, get more done, and feel better.

The Science
By combining timed release caffeine (Endless Energy™) and a few other stimulants, Stimulant X wakes up your body and mind simultaneously and continuously for 6-8 hours. It works by triggering a release of the brain’s pleasure hormone, dopamine, while slowly releasing stimulants over time. The slow and steady approach avoids the stimulant crash, and allows you to get more done.

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