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E-Control Rx 2.0 by Iron Mag Labs

Pharmaceutical Grade Anti-Estrogen

No Bloat / No Water Retention

E-Control Rx 2.0™ can be used with all of our pro-hormones to reduce any possible water retention, eliminate the chance of the development of male breast tissue, and increase sex drive. E-Control Rx 2.0™ should also be taken after using our products as PCT (post cycle therapy) to bring hormone function back to normal once your cycle is completed. The active compound is a compound called androsta-3,5-deine-7, 17 dione.

E-Control Rx™ is a potent aromatase inhibitor to decrease circulating levels of estrogen in the body. Simply put, E-Control Rx™ will inhibit or reduce the amount of androgens in the body that can convert into estrogen. E-Control Rx™ is a suicide aromatase inhibitor, meaning that it binds to the aromatase enzyme, and can not be reversed.

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