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Creatine Micros Chewies by Betancourt Nutrition

"Micros": Unique nutritional supplement technology!

When Betancourt Nutrition first presented its CHEWIES™ Micros to retailers, they said, "This is the first nutritional supplement with a "wow factor" that we've seen in years." Our customers agree.

Betancourt Nutrition has its own 140,000-square-foot cGMP manufacturing facility. This allows us to experiment…a lot. After much trial and error, our supplement development team figured out how to compress one of the world's most studied performance-enhancing supplements "creatine- into a single chewable tablet so small that two dozen of them can fit in your hand. Plus, we made it taste like candy!

Of the more than 200 studies published on creatine, those investigating its effects on resistance exercise performance surmise that, on average, subjects supplementing with creatine increase their weightlifting performance more than those taking a placebo (1).* As with any supplement, individual responses vary considerably, with studies reporting increases in bench press 1RM strength of 3% all the way up to a remarkable 45%.

Whether you're young or old, a hardcore "bodybuilder" or someone who just wants to support healthy and wellness, creatine supplementation can help you.* With the release of new CHEWIES™ Creatine Micros, Betancourt has made creatine supplementation even more convenient and enjoyable.

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