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CLA 1250 by Beast Sports Nutrition

Omega 6 Fatty Acid

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

* May support weight management
* May support metabolism
* Support for a healthy immune system

Beast® CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid is A FAT THAT GETS YOU LEAN.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) belongs to a class of fatty acids commonly referred to as polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). The term ‘CLA’ refers to a group of isomers of linoleic acid that are found predominantly in meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals. PUFAs play wide-ranging biological roles but some naturally occurring PUFAs such as CLA, DHA and EPA (the two omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil), are of particular interest to athletes for their ability to improve the anabolic effect of exercise. (Science note: Isomers are molecules with the same molecular formula but different chemical structures. This is important because the structure of a molecule determines its function: different structure, different function.)

Like DHA and EPA, CLA can be incorporated into the fatty bi-layer of outer cell membranes where it plays a key role in cellular metabolism, signaling and inflammation. CLA also influences calcium and bone metabolism where it may help protect against age associated bone loss and act as an anti-cancer agent. Importantly, research has found that CLA supplementation becomes especially beneficial when taken regularly and in combination with a cardiovascular and resistance-based exercise program. Interestingly, this duo (CLA + exercise) seems to be especially beneficial for women. A study by Colakoglu et al., for example, found that healthy women taking 3.6g of CLA/day in addition to aerobic exercise (30 min/day 3 day/week x 6 wk) demonstrated significantly better improvements in their body composition and endurance performance over the non-CLA control subjects. Similar results were found in a separate women’s study using resistance exercise. Notably men, too, demonstrate benefits from CLA + exercise, just not to the same degree as women.

In a nutshell, science suggests that physically active people who regularly consume of 3000 – 4000mg of high quality CLA per day may experience:

Enhanced body fat loss
Among the most studied physiologic effects of CLA is its effect on body composition. CLA has been shown to improve insulin action and, through increases in mitochondrial biogenesis, boost metabolic rate, both of which promote body fat loss.

Higher levels of lean body mass
CLA has been shown to aid in the preservation of muscle mass which recent studies suggest may be through its ability to induce testosterone synthesis.

Resistance to weight re-gain
Through its ability to inhibit the enzymes that promote the storage of body fat and activate those that promote fat mobilization, CLA may help keep those hard to lose and easy to re-gain five pounds at bay.

Reduced appetite
A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that feelings of fullness and satiety were increased and feelings of hunger were decreased after 13 weeks of 3.6g/day of CLA supplementation suggesting CLA may exert a positive effect on appetite parameters such as hunger, satiety and fullness.

Whether you are trying to drop those last five pounds of stubborn body fat, keep your body hard and strong or maintain optimal health, rebuild, re-charge and preserve your lean physique with BEAST CLA today!

Suggested Use – Take one soft gel 3-4 times per day with a high protein meal.

Beast® CLA 1250 is designed to work with the entire Beast supplement lineup. this team of products is ready to help anybody who is serious about getting big, being strong, keeping fit and staying healthy.

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