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Athletic Multi by iForce Nutrition

Vitamin, Mineral & Antioxidant Support

The perfect multi-vitamin for ANY athlete!

* Enhanced Overall Health & Well Being
* Reduction of Free Radicals
* Enhanced Athletic Performance

All elite athletes know that in order to perform at the top of their game, they must nourish their body with the most bioavailable and effective vitamins and minerals possible.

iForce Nutrition's Athletic Multi offers just that, by providing nothing but the premier form of each essential vitamin and mineral to ensure maximum absorption for the things your body needs most!

The Athletic Multi doesn't stop there however as it also includes the worlds strongest Anti-Oxidant (27,600 ORAC Value) to help your body recover and repair from exhaustive exercise.

What sets the Athletic Multi apart from allother multi-vitamins?

Macqui Superberry™

Maqui Superberry™ is a deeply purpled berry collected from the distant Patagonia region of Chile, traditionally used by the Mapuche Indians for supporting stamina, increasing strength, and promoting healthy immune response. Maqui Superberry™ has undergone a proprietary ultra filtration process to offer our customers one of the purest and highest antioxidant superfruits in the world. Maqui Superberry™ delivers one of the highest concentrations of anthocyanins and delphinidens. Anthocyanins are the powerful antioxidants that have the research demonstrating healthy inflammation support.

Antioxidants contain an extra oxygen molecule and are able to neutralize the free radical before it does any harm. Our body produces natural antioxidants to combat oxidative stress and inflammation and the cell damage that results. However, the aging process and the various environmental and life-style stressors we face every day create more free radicals than our bodies can naturally fight off.

ORAC: Developed by food nutrition researchers at Tufts University's USDA sponsored Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, the ORAC test measures a food's antioxidant ability to neutralize free radicals and potentially mitigate health imbalances. The power of each fruit or vegetable is measured in Trolox equivalents (u mole TE/g) per gram. Nutritionist recommend at least 3,000 ORAC per day and more if under any of the various stressors most of us face each day. Most individuals get only 1,200 ORAC units or less per day. Only the Macqui Superberry™ gets you 27,600 ORAC in a single serving!

Calcium Orotate
Calcium is the building block to strong and healthy bones. Most multi-vitamins use poorly absorbing forms of calcium to try and cut costs. The Athletic Multi utilizes the most bioavailable form of Calcium, Calcium Orotate. This means a smaller dose, with significantly more results!

While other multivitamins leave you with little more than under-dosed vitamins and minerals, the Athletic Multi takes overall health to the next level by adding in CoQ10. CoQ10 is not only a powerful antioxidant, but it is also helps to improve the health of our heart! Getting enough CoQ10 in our diet is near impossible, so by taking the Athletic Multi, you will get all the CoQ10 you need to stay healthy year round!

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