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HumaPro by ALR Industries

Protein for Humans Only

The Perfect Amino Acid Ratio Matrix for Human Protein Synthesis

Who Would Benefit From HumaPro?

* Any HUMAN who wants the highest bio available, lowest waste protein matrix specifically formulated for the HUMAN body.
* Any person that has sensitivities or allergies to Lactose, Gluten, Soy, Sugar or Preservatives.
* Those who want a Vegan friendly protein supplement.
* To help support the increase of lean muscle mass and/or lose unwanted body fat.
* ANY endurance, performance or strength athlete that needs support for lean muscle health.
* Even if you are simply looking to supplement and/or improve the quality of your daily protein intake…

No Other Protein Compares to HumaPro:

* Economical: Costs less per serving than other proteins†
* Super Concentrated: 1 serving of HumaPro = a Whole Food Protein Equivalent of 25g averaged, with only 0.02 calories per serving!

1 serving of HumaPro: 0.02 Calories, 25g Protein, 0g Carbs & 0g Fats.
4 oz. of Chicken Breast: 130 Calories, 24.20g Protein, 0g Carbs & 23.95g Fats.
5 oz. Lean Beef: 361 Calories, 24.38g Protein, 0g Carbs & 28.40g Fats.

HumaPro®: Is THE super concentrated protein matrix!

By replacing the meat in just 2 meals per day, you can save about 500 calories!

Old Rules Were Meant to be Broken, and HumaPro® Has Changed the Rules of the Game:

* 100% Absorbed & 99% Utilized by the Human Body
* Optimal Amino Acid ratio for human absorption
* Produces virtually zero waste
* Outperforms whey protein lean mass gains by 501%
* Nets under 1 calorie per serving (only 0.004 calories per gram)
* Promotes Nutrient Repartitioning
* Helps keep blood glucose levels stable
* Vegan friendly
* Gluten, Soy, Sugar & Lactose free

Read ‘em and Reap [The Benefits]

In a Medically Reviewed Independent Clinical Study HumaPro® Provided the Following Results:

* 501% greater lean mass gain than whey protein
* 250% greater bogy fat loss than whey protein
* Over 300% more efficient than whey, fish, steak or other meats
* Validated positive nutrient repartitioning
* 100% pre-digested, no gastrointestinal discomfort or bloating
* An average of 83 times less toxic waste than whey protein
* Free of Heavy Metals

What's in Your Protein Supplement?
Protein Drinks Have Unhealthy Metals
Human Health Concerns of Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Arsenic

HumaPro is the perfect Ajinomoto Amino Acid matrix (100% vegetable origin enzyme assimilated and purified without any synthetic ingredients, reagents or harmful chemicals) for human protein synthesis.

HumaPro is produced in a cGMP certified facility utilizing only pharmaceutical grade Ajinomoto® amino acids and ingredients.

HumaPro DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY: Dairy or Animal Products, Soy, Sodium, Gluten, Sugars or Preservatives.

The Ultimate Protein Matrix… Formulated For Humans!

What if you found out that you were wasting 84% of the money you were spending every month and only seeing return on 16%? That is exactly what you are doing when you spend money on Whey protein. Scientific studies have shown that when you drink whey protein, your body expels 84% of it as waste by-product or converts it to blood sugar. Fortunately there is a better option, the revolutionary protein HumaPro® by ALR. In a medically reviewed clinical study, HumaPro® outperformed whey protein by 501% with 83% less toxic waste.

The Best Protein Source for the Human Body IS HumaPro®.

At ALR Industries we have raised the bar by creating superior health and results formulations for the absolute best results. Today we have built a reputation for producing an entire arsenal of game-changing nutritional supplements, yet nothing we have done has hit the mark with more accuracy than HumaPro®. In fact, we have introduced a whole new product category in the protein supplement market, as no others can even compare.

Everyone wants to get the best results, not only from their training, but from their nutrition as well. When it comes to losing body fat and gaining muscle, one of the key components must be proper diet. This is where HumaPro® becomes one of the most important factors in your overall health & fitness regimen. Imagine when you consume your food that you get 99% of everything you are eating and have virtually no waste by-product and that what you are consuming also supports nutrient repartitioning so that the food you do consume is better utilized to starve the body fat cells and repair plus build lean muscle.

Moreover, with HumaPro® what you are consuming has only 0.004 calories per gram / 0.02 calories per serving and that the utilization equivalent of 5 grams, is the same as 25g of Whole Food Protein. It sounds hard to believe yet years of research and clinical trials have proven HumaPro®’s absorption and effectiveness over all other forms of protein (whole food proteins and other protein supplements alike). I know all of this may be hard to accept after years of marketing hype, but no one questions whether or not a Corvette will out-perform a Hyundai. Why is it so hard to believe a concentrated protein matrix can out-perform a bulk protein?

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