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Agmatine by AI Sports Nutrition

* Increased Nitric Oxide Synthesis
* Promotes Nutrient Delivery
* Improves Body Composition

Walk into any supplement store and the one thing you’re guaranteed to see plastered all over the place are “Nitric Oxide boosters”. Take this product and have “mind blowing pumps and vascularity”. All of these supplements are based on primarily one ingredient – L-Arginine. L-Arginine has been around the supplement industry forever, promising drastic results in vascularity and “the pump”. Unfortunately we’ve all been had. It has been proven that L-Arginine doesn’t promote nitric oxide synthesis, and can actually be harmful if used long term.

But I REALLY like my Pumps?!...

Enter Agmatine: The Next Generation Arginine!

What exactly is Agmatine? It is a byproduct of Arginine, essentially Agmatine is Arginine with the carboxylic acid removed.

The benefits of Agmatine are literally endless, and science is continually finding new applications for the use of Agmatine, not only in Bodybuilding and Fitness, but also in General Health and Longevity.

The bodybuilding and physical performance benefits of Agmatine are pretty dramatic, and noticed within a few doses of Agmatine. Those benefits include, but by no means are limited to:

* Improved body composition via improved insulin response
* Positive effects on LH and GH
* Anxiolytic effects potentially leading to the control of cortisol levels and fat loss
* Nitric oxide modulation
* Improved recovery
* Increased performance
* Increased endurance
* Decreased body fat

The health and longevity benefits of Agmatine are just as dramatic and important as the performance benefits you get, and are as follows:

* Agmatine acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent
* Antioxidant role


* Improve body composition
* Improve the muscle pump
* Enhance nutrient delivery
* Antioxidant

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